We are diverse,
yet the same.

Five dimensions of Wellness:
Physical, Emotional, Mental, Social, and Spiritual

Kimberley Stuart, Founder

There is a need for our Black community to focus on health and wellness. Often times we wear a lot of hats, we are mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, and even caregivers. We often take the time to make sure that everyone else is taken care of without paying attention to our own well-being.

We deal with issues like health disparities, systemic racism, economic equality, and social injustice on a daily basis. We need a place to receive education about health and wellness to build a strong foundation to deal with life’s problems.

We do not exclude other races along our journey, but the importance of building up ourselves within the black community so that we practice and maintain proper health and wellness simply cannot be ignored or denied. We strive for black excellence in all areas of life and to support our community. Everyday this aspiration drives us.

Black Wellness Matters educates you on how to Embrace Your Best Life.